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Skilled Guidance On Child Custody Matters In North Dakota

Custody cases involve the most precious subjects – your children. Addressing their needs and interests can be a challenging endeavor, especially if their other parent isn’t cooperative. Custody disputes can take a toll on everyone involved.

At Hankey Law Firm, we strive to help parties resolve custody issues amicably whenever possible, but we are also fully prepared to take these cases to trial. Our attorney Kelsey Hankey is a skilled trial lawyer with in-depth knowledge of North Dakota child custody law. When you work with us, you can expect a strong and experienced legal ally to remain by your side through all stages of the process.

How Custody Cases Are Determined

In some custody cases, the parents can reach an agreement that gets approved by the court, avoiding the expense and delays of litigation. Mediation can be an effective tool to facilitate these agreements. However, it’s important to have a trusted attorney by your side to ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of – and that the agreement reflects your wishes as well as the best interests of the children.

Mediation or settlement isn’t right for every case, however. In high-conflict cases – or those involving domestic abuse or neglect – litigation is often necessary to protect the children. A skilled attorney is essential for navigating those proceedings.

How We Can Help

At Hankey Law Firm, we handle both contested and uncontested child custody cases, whether they involve a divorce, paternity proceedings or a standalone custody case. We can also help you address a modification of an existing custody order.

At our firm, you will find a legal team that treats you like family. We’re committed to making sure you feel heard and understood. We are truly dedicated to helping every client feel empowered and supported in their family law case.

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