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How Hankey Law Can Help With Your Criminal Defense

Overall, the number of crimes committed in the US have been gradually lowering over the past 20 years. Even so, there are still millions of crimes committed every single year. If you or someone you know has committed a crime, it’s definitely in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Those who focus on criminal law can help you understand exactly what you can expect, depending on the law broken.

Types of Crimes
There are many different types of crimes that fall under penal law. Depending on the crime committed, and the state you live in, is what’s going to determine what type of charges you’ll be facing during any potential criminal proceedings. For example, if you currently have a theft charge case pending against you and you live in North Dakota, you could be charged with a class A, class B, or class C felony, which is dependent on the value stolen.

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, received a traffic violation, damaged or stole property, have pending violence, drug, or weapons charges, violated your probation, and much more, know that there are criminal defense attorneys who can help you get through this difficult time.

You Have Rights
Even when you break the law, you have rights. And you deserve to have these rights protected in a court of law. A criminal defense attorney is on your side, which means that they are going to be there for you every step of the way. When you hire an attorney to defend you in court, you don’t have to worry about what comes next as they will guide you through the entire legal process.

About 70% of people who are convicted of a felony end up doing time in jail or prison. Because this is a high percentage, it’s essential you work closely with your criminal defense attorney.

Bottom Line
When a crime is committed, it not only affects the wrongdoer but those who love them, as well. Especially if drugs are involved. A whopping 60% of people who were arrested for committing a crime tested positive for illegal drugs. Whether you currently have criminal charges pending, or have committed a crime and haven’t yet been caught, contacting an expert criminal defense attorney can help you get your life back on track.

Why Hankey Law Firm for your criminal law Fargo and Grand Forks cases?

We specialize in criminal law cases in North Dakota and will handle your case quickly and fairly, which is your right as a criminal defendant. 
At Hankey we fully understand that every criminal law case is going to be different. Our criminal defense team wants to understand who you are so we can properly represent you, and that includes knowing your background. We’ll use this information to create your case, as it will help us represent you in the best light possible. For those who have committed crimes because they have other issues going on in their lives, we often recommend rehabilitation vs. jail time.

Contact us at 701-746-4529  to see how our criminal defense lawyers can get your charges lowered, or even dismissed completely.